Vacation, that precious segment of time you work so hard to earn, try so desperately to "make it count" and will forever share on "walks down memory lane"!  Vacations fill such an important role and we are honored to assist you in creating your moments-of-a-lifetime!


Since 2006, travelers have entrusted Winding Creek Travel with getting the most out of their vacation. Ever mindful of helping you get great value for your vacation dollar and to preserve cherished quality time together, we work with you to develop a customized itinerary, faithful to your budget and ideal vacation, to create meaningful memories as a family, couple, or group.




Our Philosphy,   Excellence at Every Level...

Meet your advocate...

A true advocate, we seek to be your choice of reliable travel related services in a world of "information overload"; where the sea of decision making can quickly get confusing. And while many agencies do charge fees for their services, Winding Creek remains loyal to the premise that excellence and honesty at every level gives reason to trust and appreciate our advice; resulting in your continued support. So, very seldom do we ever charge a service fee. In fact, only for airline tickets not associated with a vacation package or if a supplier doesn't honor agent commissions.  


As a full service agency, we offer valuable comprehensive and customized planning and concierge services by trained travel professionals knowledgeable about your destination and style of travel. So gather the people you want to be with most and enjoy a 'stress-less' vacation by allowing Winding Creek to flow into a ocean of travel opportunities for you!


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As owner of Winding Creek Travel, I enjoy sharing my travel experience.  Analytical by nature, my attention to detail shines through in the custom fit itineraries my clients enjoy.  Assuring them that by the time they arrive at their destination, I have, through my mind's eye, already foreseen every step of their vacation: walking through the timeline, averting snags and planning meticulously so they can experience the 'relax and renew' that vacation is all about.


My husband, of 35 years, and I are active members of our church, enjoy spending time at the lake and are very blessed to have three wonderful children; a daughter and twin sons -- all grown.  Our treasured vacation memories created through the years have inspired me to instill in others the importance that time together truly is.

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Connie Caldwell

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Winding Creek is Branching out and        

                        flowing into an Ocean of Travel Opportunities for YOU!


Winding Creek Travel is seeking to develop agent colleagues in our newly formed Branches of specialty:

                                  Caribbean Craze, Grand Occasions, and European Traveler.

For details on how to apply, click the small gold star at the top of this page. 

Please Note: Inquires by phone will not be addressed until protocol on the linked page is followed.


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