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Celebrate Life


Right hand over left shoulder...pat, pat, pat. It took some doing, but you've made it! Now enjoy. Put those travel wheels in motion and celebrate!


Careers, raising the kids, community obligations, life has been good...but busy! However, the 'us' sometimes gets shuffled to the back. Retirement travel has a way of allowing you to rekindle the romance and the commonalities of when you first fell in love.

Create a Legacy of Wonderful Memories

Memories to spark a gleam in their eyes and heart as they recant treasured times spent to destinations with you. Stories and pictures they will pass on to their own children and grandchildren.


Experience a World of Travel that makes your heart Zing!

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See the World  ---

                              and All It's Splendor!

Explore World in your Golden Years
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      We understand Your Unique Perspective...

  • Travel as you are nearing or embracing retirement is viewed with new interpretation. It beckons strategic planning to fulfill bucket-list dreams, create legacy memories for your grandchildren, commemorate milestones, and to claim your inherent wanderlust for a celebration of life well-lived. 


  • You've worked long and hard, and have faithfully saved to get to retirement and all you want it to be.  As a good steward of your labor, you value high-quality immersive itineraries that won't send you home feeling disappointed and disillusioned due to planning pitfalls such as "at-will" travel, overly demanding or unmapped itineraries, mistaking shiny objects for solid reputable quality, or many others that are often overlooked. 


  • Such a multitude of details and decisions can overwhelm even the most seasoned traveler in this era of daunting technology, safety protocols, and information overload.


Sit back and relax, We Are Here For You...

  • Winding Creek is your reliable source for purposive and comprehensive stress-less travel planning throughout your Golden Years -- complete from inspiration to destination(s) flowing smoothly along the way and back to your doorstep with meaningful memories to share. 

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Hi, and Welcome to Winding Creek!

As owner, I enjoy sharing my travel experience.  Analytical by nature, my attention to detail shines through in the custom fit itineraries my clients enjoy; assuring them that by the time they arrive at their destination, I have, through my mind's eye, already foreseen every step of their trip, walking through the timeline, averting snags and planning meticulously so they can relax and truly experience what remarkable retirement travel is all about.

My husband, of 35 years, and I are active members of our church, enjoy spending time at the lake and are very blessed to have three wonderful children; a daughter and twin sons -- all grown.  Our treasured vacation memories created through the years have inspired me to instill in others the importance that time together truly is.


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Advisor    Advocate!


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We offer Premium Journeys for all ages with a strong  focus on Retirement Travel goal setting -- providing a realistic comprehensive portfolio that brings clarity, peace-of-mind, and a plan-of-action so your Retirement Travel dreams truly can become reality!  

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