__Initial consultation per trip or portfolio is always complimentary.

                __Service Fees are non-refundable.

Strategic Travel Portfolio --  Our signature product.

 Just as a financial planner advises your steps toward a comfortable retirement nest egg, we provide a comprehensive portfolio that maps your road to fulfillment of your travel dreams and goals over upcoming years... 

If you truly want to fulfill that bucket list, you need a strategic plan of action that includes realistic timeframes, budgets, and allows for new discoveries and of course, must-sees.  Your Strategic Travel Portfolio guides you through each of your destination goals with information provided relevant to your

own interests, presents candid budget charts, and personalized travel timelines for each itinerary as   well as "your big-picture" timetable that helps keep everything on track.  Your comprehensive portfolio brings clarity and peace-of-mind via an actionable blueprint that leads to more immersive and stress-less journeys. 

Comprehensive Personalized Strategic Retirement Travel Portfolio Senior Boomer Vacation Agent Advisor
Personalized Strategic Travel Portfolio.....$350 

Includes over 2 hours of consultation and presentation.

Perk of Purchase: 25% off Planning Fees for the subsequent 24 months following the date of presentation.

Roundtrip Planning --

Fee based upon the # of travelers and/or households represented* 

 Why not enjoy a stress-less vacation...

Payment of your Roundtrip Planning Fee initiates commencement

of the planning process and sets off a flurry of activity on our part.


Step-by-step, here's what to expect from Winding Creek's flow of

Inspiration to Destination...

  • Gleaned from your complimentary consultation, initial destination and value match research is done to coordinate with your travel style and conveyed expectations of your trip.

  • Options document is presented with follow-up answers to any questions you may have to assist in making your base itinerary choice.

  • Base Components such as accommodations, flights, insurance, etc. are booked utilizing high-quality reputable suppliers (i.e. resorts, cruise lines, tour operators, etc.) 

  • In the Strategic Planning Stage we deep dive into the details to create a smooth flowing itinerary that is personalized to your interests, must-sees, new discoveries, and logistics including point-to-point connections.

  • We are always ready to support, assist and guide through any questions or adjustments.

  • Along the way, we manage payment schedules for each of the many components. We then send statements conveniently giving you account of all transactions together in one continuously updated invoice

  • Your day of Document Presentation arrives approximately two weeks prior to departure.

Vacation Flight Dreams to Reality
Airplane Plane Flight Vacation

...and away you go  ---   Dreams to Reality!

 "Relax, we've got you."  It isn't just a saying, we mean it! 

Keep in touch anytime you need us throughout your trip; 

however, our guess is that you'll be having so much fun,

we'll fade into the background.

Thank You!! We would be honored to be remembered when

it's time for your next adventure. That and referring us to others

are our greatest accolades!       

  • Welcome home, we are here with any unforeseen follow-up services should you need assistance with insurance claim paperwork, luggage or lost item recovery, dispute of charges, etc.; thus, averting menacing hold times for you while utilizing the industry connections of our agency.

Pricing -- Roundtrip Planning Fee  -- 

                                                                    based upon the # of travelers and/or households represented...

  • Pad-Pod: $130 -- Up to 7 travelers*  from the same household - can also include any related children under 18 traveling with, but not living in the same household.    *(8-10 travelers $185)

  • Just the 2 of Us: $130 - Whether a couple or a couple of friends, this covers 2 travelers even if in different households.

  • Be My Guest: $185: Up to 10 travelers, even in separate households, all paid by and invoiced to one traveler. (additional travelers $20/household)

  • Travel Buddies:  $99 per household.  When 3 or more households are represented, Travel Buddies may choose the Groups fee understanding that it is a collective fee that will be invoiced only to one representative for the entire group.

  • Solo Traveler: $99. One person traveling the itinerary singularly.

  • Groups: A collective fee of $275 for 10 or more travelers from multiple households. This fee is invoiced through a single group leader. Each household is then invoiced separately for all other components of their trip.  Note: groups of 20 or more will also be invoiced an additional $20 on each household's account.


Flight Only -- Booking Fee/passenger    $20/domestic    $50/international

Travel Insurance Only -- No service fee -- We strongly recommend the purchase of Travel Insurance to protect you and your investment.

VIP Perks (clients who have booked an itinerary package within the last 12 months) enjoy 25% off Flight Only booking fees. VIP clients are the only persons for which our agency makes accommodation only or rental car only arrangements without a fee of 10%.

The Office...

Office of Winding Creek Travel Vacation Planner

Since the pandemic has us all socially distanced at the moment, I wanted to show you around the office. ---  

Winding Creek Travel Agency Owner Agent Advisor

this is where your travel                      plans are put into motion... 

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